Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good times

The good times keep rolling at Stickman Coffee. People are raving about Borogove Coffee which is the coffee we use here at Stickman. So far only positive reviews. It gives me hope in the human race to see people who appreciate substance over size and who see the value in a product that is made with love and care. We will try to always provide the best product possible . Thank you everyone who has written incredible review and are telling your friends about us. It is truly humbling to see the response that we have gotten from you. I thank my barista Joe (I decided to leave out the Joe makes some mean joe jokes) he is doing a great job. Coffee for the people.


Benjamin said...

Heard about through your Eugene Cho. I am a huge espresso fan. I've never had better espresso than the recent shots I've had at Stumptown. I'd like to drop by and sample the shots at Stickman soon!

Shenni said...

Hey Dismas! It's Shenandoah from the Laughing Goat in Colorado...looking forward to checking out your shop on Friday and adding a little music to the space.
Take care, congratulations on the shop. I've already heard some lovely things about it.