Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stickman Coffee & the Solstice Parade

This weekend June 21st is the Fremont Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair. I am very excited and also very scared. While Stickman Coffee has made a name for itself especially among espresso lovers we still have yet to reach the general public. Sometimes I wonder if the general public can appreciate what Stickman and other companies like us are trying to do. That is until I see a unsuspecting customers eyes light up as they taste one of our drinks. I realize that not everyone will appreciate or like our coffee and that is fine but, from experience at Hotwire Online Coffee house and Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Co. that with perseverance people will go out of their way for good coffee. Many people have asked me why I would open another coffee house in Fremont especially one that is hidden and right behind another coffee house. Well my answer is that I wanted a coffee house in Fremont that I would go to and people like me. One where the coffee matters. Now I know I still have some work to do but, the impact in Fremont is already being felt. I don't say that Stickman Coffee has the best coffee in Seattle or even Fremont but, there are a growing number of people who tell me that all the time. So, I say all this to say that this weekend is our chance to reach the masses. I hope I don't blow it. I again thank everyone who supports Stickman Coffee and I thank my awesome barista's who rock and are dedicated to making awesome drinks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh it is the best coffee in Seattle. That is why I make the drive every weekend.