Monday, February 18, 2008

Workin at the Stickman

It is time that I hire another employee and possibly two. What am I looking for in a employee? Well they need to like coffee if not don't even bother. On top of that they should like my coffee that is coffee we use here at Stickman. Two you need to like people. I like people who aren't afraid to work hard. No whiners please. Experience as barista is not necessary but bar tending, waitressing or high volume stressful retail experience is a definite bonus. Not that we are high volume yet and hopefully never stressful. If you or someone you love (or maybe you don't love) would fit the bill then bring your resume down to Stickman Coffee. I will probably hire some right away then another in a few weeks and as summer approaches another person or two depending on my needs.


Josh Ke said...

Hey Dismas! It's Josh Ke... remember me? I used to play music all the time at The Hotwire. I was looking for jobs on craigslist and there you were... haha. I was wondering if you might e-mail me or call me regarding working at the Stickman...
Phone: (206)363-1575

Hope to hear from you!

Benjamin said...


Greetings. We don't know each other, but, we might have a mutual acquaintance. Jonathan Hays, Green Lake site pastor for Crosspoint Church, is a good friend of mine. I visited a few weeks ago. Someone off handedly dropped you were the winner of the 2002 NABC and you might just go to the northern congregation? Either way, I was sorely disappointed not to get to meet you.

The purpose of my comment was to introduce myself and inquire about opportunities in Seattle Espressoland. My wife and I relocated to Yale from PDX for her M.A. and we're thinking about returning soon. Presently, I serve as a manager/barista/trainer for a local shop here in New Haven, CT.

Anyway. I look forward to hearing from you. And, best of luck with the busyness.

B. Wilkinson